Nutrition plays a significant role in the health, productivity, and overall well-being of your cattle and other livestock. You want your cattle to be in the best shape and produce the best milk or beef possible, which means you need to pay close attention to what you feed them.

Many farmers and ranchers incorporate premix into their cattle’s diets. But what is premix, and how can it help your operation? Learn the basics of premix so you can decide if it’s the right move for you.

What Is Feed Premix?

Animal feed premix is a blend of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and other nutritional ingredients designed to provide a balanced diet and meet the specific nutritional needs of your livestock. It’s blended with other feed ingredients — like grains, roughage, and protein sources — to optimize your feed’s nutritional profile.

Whether you’re focused on reproduction, development, growth, or maintenance, having a cattle premix full of the right micronutrients can help.

Premix vs. Complete Feed

Some feeds may provide plenty of energy and protein but lack the nutrients necessary to support the performance and health of your cattle. Premix can be added to these feeds to ensure your animals’ nutritional needs are fully being met.

Complete feeds, however, are made to be the sole source of nutrition for your cattle. Their formulas should have all the grains, protein, and micronutrients needed to maintain and promote animal production. A complete feed should already have premix included in its formula, so nothing needs to be added.

How Is Premix Used?

Premixes come in strong concentrates and are not meant to be directly fed to your livestock. Instead, premix is added to your normal feed in very small amounts. You need to carefully and accurately measure the premix before combining it with your feed to make sure your cattle receive the right amount of nutrients.

How much premix you add depends on the premix formula, the nutritional goals you have for your livestock, and the feed you add it to. It’s best to work with an animal nutritionist and strictly follow any guidelines and instructions provided by your premix manufacturer.

How Can My Operation Benefit From Cattle Feed Premix?

If you aren’t already using a complete feed, you risk nutrient deficiencies and your cattle might not produce at their full potential. Adding a premix can combat malnutrition while offering tons of other great benefits.

Premix makes up a very small portion of your final animal feed, but with the right formula, its impact can be significant. Premix for cattle feed can help your animals produce quality milk and beef, support them through different stages of growth, and improve their health and immunity.

Plus, when your cattle receive all the right nutrients, it can help cut down on feed consumption. Less feed means less cost, and when you combine that with increased productivity, it can make a huge difference for your bottom line.

How Do I Pick a Feed Premix Manufacturer?

There are tons of animal feed premix manufacturers, but you don’t want to trust the well-being of your livestock with just anyone. A quality feed premix requires a knowledgeable manufacturer who will care for your animals as if they were their own.

While standard, ready-made premix is an option, these premixes can be inconsistent in quality and formula. And if your livestock have any dietary restrictions or need specific nutritional support, selecting the right premix becomes even more important. You’ll want to find an experienced feed manufacturer who can create a custom premix blend that meets the exact needs of your livestock.

Custom-Made Premix and Feed for Your Cattle

Star Blends is here to help make your life easier and ensure you have the best feed and nutrients possible at an economical price. Whether you need premix or complete feed, we want to provide you with high-quality feed custom-made for your cattle. We’ll even work with your private nutritionist! Get in touch today to learn how we can help you, your cattle, and your bottom line.