Meet Your Herd’s Needs with Custom Dairy Cow Feed

As a leading dairy cattle feed manufacturer in the Midwest, Star Blends is committed to keeping your herd healthy and productive. We work alongside your nutritionist to provide the best tailored feed blend to meet your herd’s specific needs.

Healthy Herds Start with Quality Dairy Cattle Feed

Quality, nutrient-rich feed is the foundation of any happy, healthy herd. We use a premium base and customize our cattle feed according to your nutritionists’ ingredient recommendations. Our custom feed blends ensure your cows receive the nutrients needed to stay healthy and produce high-quality milk.

Using the best ingredients and partnering with your nutritionist allows us to create dairy cattle blends that help you:

  • Optimize milk production
  • Enhance milk quality
  • Support reproductive health
  • Address specific health issues
  • Promote optimal growth and development
  • Minimize feed waste
  • And more!
Star Blends truck

An Experienced Midwest Cow Feed Manufacturer

Star Blends has served dairy farmers in Western and West Central Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, and Northeast Iowa for nearly four decades. We understand the challenges dairy farmers like you face, and we’re dedicated to helping you overcome them so your herd can thrive.

We specialize in crafting custom pre-mix and complete feeds. Our HACCP-certified feed experts ensure every batch is of the highest quality and made in the safest possible way. You can feel confident knowing all the feed leaving our Wisconsin mills meets the strictest quality standards.

Dairy Cow Feed Tailored to Every Stage of Life

Star Blends produces animal feed specially formulated for every stage of life, from the youngest calves to mature lactating cows.

Calf Feed

Star Blends branded calf feed products are designed to support the growth and development of your young calves. We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients to provide the best nutrition during this crucial stage of life.

Heifer Feed

Our products include a high-quality line of formulated VTMs (vitamins, trace minerals) and feed mixes for growing heifers. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the best custom heifer feed to support healthy growth and development.

Dry Cow Feed

As your cows approach their dry period, providing them with high-quality nutrients is crucial to prepare them for parturition. Star Blends offers a range of options for custom dry cow mix and dry cow mineral blends.

Lactating Cow Feed

We understand the importance of a healthy and productive lactating herd. Star Blends proudly offers a custom-formulated feed blend for lactating cows to support your herd during milk production. With our blends, you can achieve optimal milk quality and quantity.

Proudly Selling Rumensin by Elanco: A Feed Additive for Dairy Cows

Star Blends is proud to offer Rumensin by Elanco as one of our dairy cattle feed additives. Producers have trusted Rumensin for over 45 years to deliver consistent and dependable results. It adds more profit potential to your bottom line by providing more energy per pound of feed. Learn more about the benefits of Rumensin, including its role in optimizing feed efficiency, at elanco.com.

Elanco Rumensin

Dairy Cow Feed Delivery and Pickup Available

To provide as many farmers as possible with the high-quality feed they need, we offer two convenient ways to receive your feed: pickup and delivery. You can arrange pickup at our Sparta feed mill. We can also deliver your dairy cattle feed order straight to your farm if you live in Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, or Northeast Iowa. Contact our customer service team to learn more about either option.

Secure the Best Prices with Dairy Cattle Commodity Contracting

Plan input prices and mitigate risks with our commodity contracting program. Lock in prices on the dairy feed commodities you need, and we’ll deliver them either in a custom mix or straight to your farm based on your monthly or term contract. With soybean meal, corn, and other crucial dairy cow feed ingredients available to contract, we make it easy to stabilize cattle feed input costs, manage the risk of market fluctuations, and secure your feed in times of low supply.