Improving Farmers’ Livelihood Through Nutrition

Since opening our first local mill in 1988, we have served farmers in the midwest by manufacturing animal feed they can count on at reasonable prices and offering individually tailored support. It continues to be our mission to guide your farm’s success.

Discuss your feed, nutrition and forage solution needs with our experts to find the best options at the most affordable price point.

Star Blend’s Products and Services

Feed Manufacturing

Feed tailored to your animals’ unique nutritional needs

Animal Nutrition

Work with our animal nutritionists to develop optimal feed

Commodity Contracting

Commodity contracting can be complicated and time consuming. Let our experienced staff do the hard work for you.

The Midwest’s Local Feed Mill

For nearly four decades, Star Blends has worked to provide the midwest with quality animal feed from our mills in Sparta and Chippewa Falls, WI. Started as Bangor Farm Supply in Bangor, WI., we have expanded over the years to create the highest quality feed for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. Collaboration between clients, their nutritionists and our own team of feed experts, we create the best possible feed for each unique farm at the lowest price points available.

Who We Are
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Lock-In the Best Feed Prices with Commodity Contracting

Stop spending time and resources looking for the best prices on animal feed, comparing mill costs and following the market — you have plenty of things to do and none of them involve moonlighting as a stockbroker. At Star Blends, our experts keep an eye on the market for you, locking in your feed costs so you no longer have to guess at your annual budget. Chat with our experts today to discuss the best animal feed prices you can depend on.

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Blog and Resources

The Science of Cow Nutrition: What Goes into Cow Feed?

From forages and concentrates to minerals and supplements, discover the key nutrients of cow feed and their role in supporting the well-being of your cattle.
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Got Milk or Got Beef? Dairy Cows vs. Beef Cows

They might both moo, but there are key differences between dairy and beef cattle. Learn about the characteristics, breeds, and dietary needs of each cow.
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From Grass to Glass: How to Boost Cow Milk Production

Whether you run an operation with a large herd of dairy cows or just own a cow or two for personal use, you understand how important high milk production is. When your cows are lacking proper nutrition, it could mean losing out on profit or not having enough milk for yourself and your family.
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Whether you are an existing customer with a comment or concern, want to learn more about our commodity contracting, or need to see what feed, nutrition and forage solutions we have, getting in touch is easy. Just let us know a little bit about you and your animals below, and we’ll get in contact.