Our People

Our employees shape our company.

We take pride in knowing our employees have roots within agriculture.

Understanding your personal needs while sharing their knowledge and experiences to ensure we are making the best decisions for you and our employees.

Dairy Consultants

Our people can balance diets for your cows or work side by side with your nutritionist. We want to be sure you have a nutritionist you trust. We will help remove barriers to be sure they can do their job to help you.

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Blake Bagby

Dairy Consultant

Growing up in Eastern Iowa, I milked cows on a small 120 cow dairy, it was here my passion grew for the Dairy industry. In the fall of 2014, I graduated from Iowa State with a Bachelors in Animals Science. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Texas and worked as a health Technician at a 750-cow research Dairy. After that I moved back north to Wisconsin working as a herdsman for 3,500 head heifer growers. This opened the door to a managing an 850-cow dairy with my wife. From there I step up to managing a 5,300-cow dairy before taking a dairy nutrition job with Star Blends.


The best part of my job is helping Dairy Farmers be successful whether its saving them money on ration cost or providing on farm solutions to their problems they are facing. 


Meagan Elsbury

Dairy Consultant 

I graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Dairy Science. I’ve been doing Dairy Nutrition and Consulting since 2008.

What I love most about my job is the customers. I enjoy serving my customers and working with them to help problem solve.


I enjoy seeing them succeed and grow in their business.


Toby Hovde

Dairy Consultant

I was born and raised in the Rice Lake, WI area where I completed high school. After high school, I traveled to Alaska for a few years where I worked on building log cabins before returning to Wisconsin. 

I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in Dairy Science. Upon completion of my degree, I went to work for a small feed facility in the Athens, WI area as a dairy nutritionist. 

I joined the Star Blends team in 2017 as a Dairy Consultant, where I am able to work with farmers in the area helping to improve animal health and to ensure they are getting the best quality feed for their farm. 

What I love most about my job is being able to help people are farmers. Being able to work with them to figure out how to become more profitable, or thinking of ways to make their farms more efficient and successful. 


Ryan Fritsche

Dairy Consultant

I grew up and worked on my family's dairy farm in Wisconsin, after high school, I attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Ag Business. I also attended University of Wisconsin La Crosse earning my Bachelor's degree in Biology. 

After college, I moved into the feed industry for a year before becoming a headsman for two years. 

I moved from Wisconsin to Utah for about 5 years where I worked in the oil field before returning to my families dairy farm in Wisconsin. After working on the home farm for 6 years I returned to the feed industry as a dairy nutritionist for a local coop. 


I joined the Star Blends team in 2018 as a dairy consultant. Today I reside in the Eastman, WI area where I am raising two sons and two daughters.


What I love most about my job is being able to help the producers. Helping them to become more profitable, more successful and to troubleshoot issues on their farms. 


Jeff Staggemeier

Dairy Consultant 

I earned my Bachelors degree from Iowa State University. After graduation I had the chance to work in the co-op field for 10 years before making a jump into the equipment world. I worked as a John Deere salesman for 4 years before coming to work for Star Blends. I have been a part of the team since February 2017.


What I love most about my job is, Interacting with customers and building customer relationships.  Helping customers achieve their goals and be more profitable through better decision making and management choices.


Drew Johnson

Dairy Consultant 

I grew up and worked on my family’s Dairy Farm near Sparta WI.  After High School, I attended UW-River Falls where I earned my bachelors degree in Dairy Science.  Before joining Star Blends I worked as a dairy nutritionist and technical services manager in southern WI. 


In 2016 I joined Star Blends as the Technical Services Manager where I work both as an on-farm nutritionist as well as with the formulation/quality assurance team. 


My favorite part of my job is learning new nutritional or management concepts and applying them to help improve farm profitability. 






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