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Supporting Our 4-H and FFA Youth

Star Blends supports the development of the communities and families we serve. We proudly support efforts to promote 4-H and FFA programs, which are designed to foster agriculture leadership and education.


The Star Blends County Fair Livestock Project is focused on the youth who exhibit at their local county fairs. Those that exhibit and meet the requirements below will receive a cash donation from Star Blends for their participation in the Livestock Project. Class ribbons will receive $50 and champion ribbons will receive $100.


Participation Requirements:

  1. You are an active 4-H or FFA member and 

  2. You are either

a) Related to a Star Blends' employee or customer

b) An employee of a Star Blends customer

Entries can be submitted through the form below or by mailing the information to:


Star Blends Marketing Department

1919 Riley Road

Sparta, WI 54656

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